Five years ago, on a dark and cold January morning, I started running as a New Year's Resolution to "get a runner's body". It didn't take me long before I realized that there's simply no such thing. My first couple years of running I quit a million times and only managed to run a few 5ks, but after reading stories about ultra-running like "Born to Run" and Scott's Jurek book "Eat & Run", I felt inspired to run further than I've ever run before. One day, I headed out for a 6 mile run, which was the longest I had ever run before, and something just clicked. I got that runner's high that I had heard so much about and just wanted to keep going longer. I knew immediately after that run that I wanted to run ultras, but first I started with a half-marathon. Before running my first half, I signed up for a marathon, and then before running my first marathon, I signed up for an ultra-marathon. Within about a year, I went from running 6 miles to running 32 miles. With a history of disordered eating, depression and a negative body image, running has helped me challenge my inner demons and has completely changed how I view myself on the inside and out. I've recently started running competitively, with a few noteable finishes, and hope to continue to grow as an athlete while inspiring others to find themselves in running or throughout whatever athletic endeavor they are passionate about.