Five years ago, on a dark and cold January morning, I started running as a New Year's Resolution to "get a runner's body". It didn't take me long before I realized that there's simply no such thing. My first couple years of running I quit a million times and only managed to run a few 5ks, but after reading stories about ultra-running like "Born to Run" and Scott's Jurek book "Eat & Run", I felt inspired to run further than I've ever run before. One day, I headed out for a 6 mile run, which was the longest I had ever run before, and something just clicked. I got that runner's high that I had heard so much about and just wanted to keep going longer. I knew immediately after that run that I wanted to run ultras, but first I started with a half-marathon. Before running my first half, I signed up for a marathon, and then before running my first marathon, I signed up for an ultra-marathon. Within about a year, I went from running 6 miles to running 32 miles. With a history of disordered eating, depression and a negative body image, running has helped me challenge my inner demons and has completely changed how I view myself on the inside and out. I've recently started running competitively, with a few noteable finishes, and hope to continue to grow as an athlete while inspiring others to find themselves in running or throughout whatever athletic endeavor they are passionate about. 



Although running is my main passion, strength training is also something I find very fulfilling. Lifting heavy weights, challenging myself my body in different ways not only makes me stronger as an athlete, but it keeps me injury-free so I can keep running faster and longer. Getting past some of the myths about strength-training and discovering how to properly integrate strength into my running schedule, has made me a more well-rounded, healthy athlete. Finding that balance has inspired be to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer so I can share my wealth of knowledge and experience with other athletes. I have recently become a coach at Run Fastah ( creating running and strength programs for athletes of all abilities, distances and schedules.